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Kabbalah Spirituality and Native American Folklore Combine to Create Unique New Novel

Debut Novelist Spins Mystical Tale Set in Modern-day America

KEARNY, N.J. — Science fiction and fantasy fans will enjoy debut novelist D.E. Bartley’s Birthing the Lucifer Star (published by AuthorHouse), a mystical tale of one woman’s journey into the jaws of hell itself and the Lakota medicine man who must save her.

Inspirational speaker Shirley Cohen spent her young life as a Daughter of Jacob. For years, she studied the Kabbalah and now has a deep understanding of its mystic power. But a horrific ritual of the Masonic Order convinces her she has been introduced to the angel of the lesser light, Lucifer. Two years later, while living in New York City, Shirley’s life takes a drastic turn. This change is ignited by the death of Dan Ghostwolf, a Native American man who sends her a strange quartz crystal with unspeakable power.

After receiving multiple visions, Shirley feels compelled to travel to North Dakota, Ghostwolf’s home. She drives to the Dakota badlands and meets an elderly medicine man, Eagle Flying Bye, Ghostwolf’s grandfather. But Eagle Flying Bye has revenge in his heart, having blamed Shirley for the death of his grandson and has summoned her through her dreams. When he sets a trap for Shirley, one that awakens the great serpent Uktena, he doesn’t realize the ramifications of his vengeful deed. Shirley becomes the bearer of Lucifer’s light and an unwilling aid in his quest to climb to the heavens and set himself as the brightest star. Only Eagle Flying Bye can save Shirley’s life—and her soul.

Bartley’s in-depth knowledge of Hebrew mysticism and Native American folklore creates a strong, compelling story with multi-dimensional characters and a twisting, unexpected plot. Through vivid details and a wealth of spiritual information, Bartley tackles difficult questions on existence, reality and duality. While she believes “the answer(s) might not please everyone,” she also says that to bring about change, “the tough questions have to be asked in order for the truth to reveal the answer.”

Bartley’s is a unique, new voice in the sci-fi and fantasy genres and her new novel, Birthing the Lucifer Star, would be a welcome addition to either library.

D.E. Bartley is a sci-fi flash fiction writer, a poetess, and an artist of many different media, and genres. An avid photographer and horticulturalist, she is published in

e-zines and literary magazines.

Get free preview of my newest novel here:

If anyone would like to read some of my work, please email me at and I will send you a free ebook of my latest work scifi sundays with the hipriestess 5 cent tales..
by d e bartley. Make sure to tell me if you want it in word or pdf format thank you


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Announcing the release of the novel, Birthing the Lucifer Star

Announcing the release of the novel, Birthing the Lucifer Star
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